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the Online Collector's Bookstore

The Online Collector's Bookstore is proud to be in assocition with Amazon.com, the respected seller of books on the Internet. Amazon.com sells tens of millions of dollars worth of books a year through its website, where people can pay for books with a creidt card through a secure server or by telephone, or by check. Read a letter by Jeff Bezos, president of Amazon.com, to our potential customers.

I am pleased to be able to bring you these fine books, all of which can be ordered with ease from your computer terminal, are priced at either 20% or 30% off list price, and most will be shipped to you in two to three days!

As you browse the Online Collector's Bookstore, you will see links that will take you to a page on the Amazon.com website for a particular book. There you can decide whether or not you want to buy the book. If you choose to buy, you will be purchasing the book through Amazon.com, and they will process your order, recieve your payment and ship the book to you.

The only role for the Online Collector's Bookstore is to set up links to those books and provide additional information about them.

Mary Lynn Edwards
Online Collector's Bookstore

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